What are the parts made of?

11ga Aluminum.

What finish is offered?

Gloss or Matte Black powder coat and Raw Aluminum for those who want to spray or wrap it themselves to save a little money.

How are the fins mounted to your diffusers?

Most of our diffusers have fins welded on. If you want a bolt on fin instead, email us. 

Are your products functional?

No. Our products are designed for looks.

Can the design be changed?

Yes. If you want the products on our site modified let us know.  We can make it to your liking, from the front splitter being deep enough to chassis mount it or cover the under panel to diffusers having different fin shapes. 

What is the turnaround time?

2-3 weeks for the part to be built, powder coated, shipped and delivered. We don't keep any parts in stock, everything is built to order. 

Why don't you keep any in stock? 

We tried that, we could have 10 BMW 335I diffusers ready to ship and receive emails asking if we could make the fins taller, sharper, more round etc so we strictly build AFTER the part is purchased.

Will I receive a tracking number when my order ships?


If my order is damaged during shipping what do I do?

Contact us with photos of the packaging and part to get a replacement made.

Are there predrilled holes for mounting?

On some of our parts there are and some there aren't. Here's why, not all of the parts offered on our website were designed by us. When someone contacts us regarding a part for a make/model we haven't worked with before we have the customer send us dimensions or template and build the part using their specs. If they didn't add mounting holes because they want the part to stick out further or mount it their own way we don't drill holes. However, on all powder coated parts we drill holes in an area that won't be visible when mounted. 

Does each part come with installation instructions?

No. We haven't personally installed every part offered and everyone has different opinions on how parts should be installed. 

Is hardware included?

Yes. We send generic hardware that can be used to install, keep in mind every bumper/side skirt setup is different and may require purchasing correct hardware from the local hardware store depending on bumper thickness and mounting points, etc. If we send you 1" long bolts and you need 3" for the install email a photo of the receipt and specific hardware you needed so we can send those instead for the next customer and refund your hardware cost.

Do you offer installs?

Yes. Locals only and installation prices vary per part.

Are sponsorships available?

No. A sponsorship needs to help both parties. If you think you can sell our products by having them on your car prove it. Order a part from us, install it, and spread the word. We have a referral program to help pay you back for the purchase and some. Just because your car is slammed on 3 piece wheels doesn't mean everyone who follows you or sees your car will buy a diffuser. 

Is there a refund/return policy?

No. Refunds/returns are at the discretion of Diffusers and More.