Week 4 and 5 progress (Dash support/ N54 Mockup/Trans Mount)

Posted by Josh Avery on

These parts weren't meant for an E36.

Elongating the holes in both the firewall and the E36 pedal assembly.

E90 booster and master cylinder bolted up through the firewall to the pedal assembly!

Opened up the firewall some more to fit the climate control lines and the steering column.

Subframe out and the n54 on the sling so we could mount the trans!

E36 Transmission crossmember. (We had to relocate the mounting holes for the mounts)

Revshift poly trans mounts!


With the transmission bolted up we can measure the subframe extension needed for the motor mounts to line up.

Its crazy how close they line up before any of the modification.



Trans Crossmember- $35

Poly Trans mounts - $52.94

Motor Mounts - $195

RUNNING TOTAL: $5,293.94



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  • This is so awesome! Cool that you are documenting it all, I can feel the inspiration already! Why did you go with the E90 dash, brake master, etc, wouldn’t the E36 stuff work?

    Andres on

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