Week 2 Progress (Junking the donor car)

Posted by Josh Avery on

This week we stripped the rest of the E90 before paying a junkyard $200 to take it, and then brought the E36 over to Austin's House. In our area no scrap metal places wanted the vehicle already stripped and we weren't going to cut the shell up in the garage.

The last bits we needed to take from the car were:

  • Wheels
  • Steering rack
  • Brakes
  • Coilovers
  • Control arms
  • Gas

Once everything was off we mounted casters so the car could roll onto the tow truck and wrapped the car in plastic so the pieces we put inside wouldn't fall out. To make it easier to load we turned the car around in the garage. The kicker is AAA won't tow a vehicle to a junkyard since it's not an emergency. They said if we could load the car in 15 minutes or less it would be $85, any more than 15 it would go up to $125 an hour with a 1 hour minimum. $40 isn't much but it all adds up.

Incase you thought we were joking, we took the gas out and used it in our daily drivers.

Leg day every day.

Loaded  in 11 minutes.

Goodbye ol' friend.



Casters - $56

Tow and Tip - $105

Junkyard - $200


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