Week 1 progress (Stripping the E90/Pulling the N54)

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Before getting the car to Austin's I had already removed and sold the entire front end, seats, door panels, and various trim pieces.

This week we spent one day and two nights tearing apart the E90 so we can scrap the shell and make room for the E36. 


DAY 1:

Towed the car to E36 Swap Specialties (AKA Austin's house)

Removed the doors to make getting in/out of the car a lot easier.

Once the doors were off we put the car on jack stands then removed the steering wheel, cluster, dash trim, air vents, dashboard and steering column. 

Then all the underbody panels, fender liners, cowl and misc items around the engine bay.

I posted all of this stuff on Instagram because we didn't want to store it and within an hour it was picked up! Unfortunately, like an idiot I gave my exhaust away which I'll need in the coming months. SMH


DAY 2:

Drivetrain removal time with a few extra hands to help.

We used an engine sling to support the engine. After that, subframe (with control arms) were unbolted and moved to the side. Using the sling, the engine was lowered while a floor jack lowered the rear of the transmission. We dropped the subframe and lowered the drivetrain onto a dolly and rolled it out.


  • Remove the coolant hoses and radiator assembly
  • Remove the A/C lines to Condensor 
  • Disconnect the Steering shaft and Power steering lines to Rack
  • Disconnect DME, Engine harness and Power Distribution.
  • Unbolt the Control arms
  • Unbolt the Exhaust from the Downpipes
  • Unbolt Slave Cylinder from Transmission
  • Disconnect Fuel Supply Line
  • Disconnect Tank Vent Supply Pipe
  • Remove the subframe 
  • Unbolt motor and trans 
  • Make sure nothing is still connected
  • Lower it onto the dolly and roll it out


How many people does it take to remove the radiator?




Rolling the drivetrain into this spot we broke the idler arm for the shift linkage. Don't do that.

DAY 3:

Pulling the body harness without damaging anything and making sure everything is labeled

Make sure your car isn't "awake" when pulling this airbag control module, if flipped while the car is on all of your airbags will deploy.

About 40 Lbs of wiring, hopefully it's all labeled.


Roughly 15-20 hours were spent throughout the 3 days. We are moving along quicker than I expected but pulling a car apart usually happens faster than putting one back together. Also, having a totaled car in your the garage isn't exactly appealing to the neighbors.


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